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The Kinney Firm was founded by Florida Sports and Entertainment Attorney, Rian M. Kinney after she saw a need for sports and entertainment legal representation to be offered by attorneys with a sports and entertainment background and a passion for excellence. The sports and entertainment are industries unlike any other and they require attorneys that understand the art of negotiation and the wisdom of strategy. In most areas of law there is a right or wrong answer; sports and entertainment often leave room for both parties to get what they want if the attorneys involved are intelligent, use common sense, have great people skills and put their clients’ interests first.

Rian is an approachable attorney that understands the client’s concerns and diligently fights to protect their interests. Whether you merely need a contract reviewed and explained or an experienced negotiator to make sure you get what you deserve, The Kinney Firm can protect you. Entertainment Law is a unique body of law where standard lawyering and a “normal” approach may not get you what you want, you need a lawyer that can think outside the box and understand the bigger picture when attacking a situation. The Kinney Firm has been an integral part of securing artist releases from recording contracts in two instances, with no money exchanged, and without the attorney interacting with the record label. Sometimes having legal advice without actual representation is the smartest way to accomplish your goals.

The Kinney Firm not only represents and advises you, but seeks to educate you and empower you to see your talents and gifts as assets that need to be protected and a business to be structured and operated efficiently for your highest benefit. Regardless of your problem The Kinney Firm will assess the situation, discuss your options, give you a legal and human opinion and allow you to make an informed decision on how you wish to proceed.

The Kinney Firm works WITH you

With a strong belief in synergy, collaboration and cross-marketing, the Kinney Firm serves a diverse clientele and chooses to work with clients that will work best with the firm. Obviously an attorney that believes in your project is going to fight harder for you which is why the Kinney Firm believes in client promotion and hosts firm mixers to introduce clients to each other and expand professional networks.

The Kinney Firm offers flat fee billing for contract review at $20 a legal page so there if never an excuse not to speak to an attorney before signing an entertainment contract, you can know what you are truly getting/giving up and what the legal costs are going to be, up front.

The Kinney Firm accepts credit cards, checks and will discuss payment plans for larger projects. If you have a question, e-mail us

The Kinney Firm can assist with branding your company/project

Another benefit to working with the Kinney Firm is the business and marketing consulting available. If you know what your corporate name is and how best to get your message out, great. If, however,  you have general concepts that need fine tuning, Rian M. Kinney is an innovator that has served as a Director of Marketing for two law firms and has consulted for CEO’s and corporations across the country.

Business consulting is a non-legal service and is billed as such. If you have an interest in speaking with Rian regarding how to get the most of your business and get a bigger return on your investment contact the firm for references and companies who have directly benefited from Ms. Kinney’s suggestions.

Contact the Kinney Firm today to schedule your initial consultation.

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